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CareDash Surpasses 100,000 Verified Healthcare Provider Reviews, one of the fastest growing healthcare provider review sites, announced today that the company has surpassed 100,000 verified doctor and provider reviews.

CareDash Detects Fraudulent Reviews With the Help of AI

The review site employs a team of data scientists that spend most of their days battling would-be ratings manipulators, leveraging artificial intelligence to guarantee the authenticity of reviews.

New Pharma Payments Analysis by CareDash Featured in USA Today

Doctors accepting payments from branded opioid makers are 14.5x more likely to prescribe them over a generic or alternative brand. See CareDash featured in USA Today.

Doctors Receiving Kickbacks 14.5 Times More Likely to Prescribe Opioids

A first-of-its-kind study confirms what we all suspected: doctors receiving payments from drug companies are more likely to prescribe those drugs than cheaper alternatives.

Docs More Likely to Prescribe Opioids After Pharma Pay, Study Finds

Doctors who receive even one payment from a pharmaceutical company for a brand name drug are five times more prone to prescribe that drug over an alternative treatment.

New Analysis Says Payments Increase Doctors' Likelihood to Prescribe

Doctors are five times more likely to prescribe a brand name drug if they receive payments for that drug, and the likelihood increases to 14.5 times for specific opioids.

New Analysis Reveals Links Between Payments from Opioid Manufacturers and Physician Prescriptions

Today a new analysis of government data made available to consumers for the first time reveals the relationship between payments made by pharmaceutical companies to physicians, the number of prescriptions arising from physicians who received those payments, and the cost and consequences to consumers as a result. CareDash's new study found that physicians who accepted a payment from a pharmaceutical company manufacturer related to a specific opioid drug were 14.5 times more likely to prescribe that drug over a similar alternative.

How 'American Horror Story,' 'Broad City' And Other Shows Benefit From Your Anxiety

"We are quantifiably more stressed out than we used to be. As reports, research reports more than half of Americans report feeling more stressed out since the November elections."

CareDash Enhances Healthcare Provider Profiles to Detail Payments & Gifts Received from Pharmaceutical & Device Companies

" announced today that it has enhanced individual provider listings with the amount and type of gifts or payments accepted from pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as the amounts from specific companies for specific drugs and medical devices."

Drinking More Because of the Insane News Cycle? You're Not Alone

"According to a survey run by online healthcare portal CareDash, Americans are turning that anxiety into bad habits: 41 percent of people aged 18 to 44 say they’ve turned to unhealthy behaviors like drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating poorly to cope with the election outcome."

CareDash Announces Dr. Arun Mohan as Medical Advisor

", one of the fastest growing healthcare review sites, marks its first year with the announcement of Dr. Arun Mohan as Medical Advisor. Dr. Mohan brings over a decade of experience as a physician, executive and healthcare access advocate to CareDash."

Why Americans Are Eating, Drinking, And Smoking More

"The sordid combination of heated political sparring and 24/7 news coverage of world calamity and crises—made worse by the attendant social media chatter and trolling—has driven more than half the U.S. population to eat, drink, or smoke as a result of the election, according to a survey by online health-care portal"

CareDash Yelpifies Finding a Doctor

"When choosing a primary care physician, patients typically rely on reviews from friends and family. When people go to the hospital, they’ll typically pick the one closest to their home instead of the one that offers the best prices and services. CareDash is aiming to change that."

10 Most Popular Physician Rating and Review Sites

"When it comes to medical practice or even physician online reputation management, there are ten main review sites you should be monitoring and using to collect reviews from patients."

CareDash Survey: Majority of Americans Still Suffer From Election Results Anxiety as President’s 100th Day Draws Near

Trump anxiety is real and the United States is currently a nervous nation. Following one of the most controversial presidential elections in history and a “First 100 Days” marked by contentious executive orders, travel bans, military strikes, suspicions of foreign election tampering, healthcare debates and threats to our national security, America is a nation on edge.

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