Trump to End Obamacare Subsidies. What Does This Mean for You?

Trump to End Obamacare Subsidies. What Does This Mean for You?

Without the subsidies, insurance markets could unravel and insurance premiums could increase significantly.

BREAKING: Senate Republicans Will Not Vote on Graham-Cassidy Bill

The health-care bill lacks the 60 votes required to pass the Senate after three Republican senators voiced their opposition.

FDA Warns That Pfizer Failed to Investigate Faulty EpiPens

The malfunctioning Pfizer EpiPens could be linked to patient deaths and severe injuries.

New Class of Drugs Could Prevent Aging Conditions Like Dementia

The new drug type has already proven effective in extending the lifespan of mice and will potentially head to human trials soon.

Aetna Sued for Breaching Privacy of 12,000 HIV Patients

Patients’ personal and HIV-related information was made visible through a large, clear window on the front of the unopened envelope.

Shady Stem-Cell Clinics Under FDA Investigation

The crackdown comes as more and more stem-cell clinics pop up around the U.S. using unapproved treatments and vaccines.

FDA Approves Breakthrough Drug for Rare Form of Leukemia

A new treatment could help combat the effects of the rare and vicious form of blood cancer leukemia.

Red Cross Calls for Donations Due to Critical Blood Shortage

Patients could suffer from delays in care if the need isn't met soon.

Opioid Overdose Deaths Among Teens on the Rise

Overdoses in older teens, both male and female, are at epidemic levels.

NH Sues Oxycontin Producer Purdue Pharma Over Opioid Marketing

The suit claims that Purdue Pharma spent millions deceiving customers, making the growing opioid epidemic even worse.

Senate Moves Toward Bipartisan Healthcare Bill

The only way forward for a healthcare bill may be looking across the aisle.

Senate Votes on Healthcare Legislation

Today's Senate healthcare vote could impact millions of Americans. Learn about the different plans under consideration and the effect each would have.

What You Need to Know About John McCain's Brain Cancer

The highly malignant and aggressive brain cancer will be John McCain's toughest battle yet.

DOJ Charges Hundreds of Providers in $1.3B Medicare Fraud Case

The DOJ has charged hundreds of licensed medical professionals for their alleged participation in fraudulently billing government healthcare programs.

New Heroin Vaccine Could Revolutionize Opioid Treatment

The heroin-trapping vaccine could be the answer to the opioid epidemic.

New Bill Could Lead to Accessible Low-Cost Hearing Aids

Hearing aids currently cost upwards of $2400 per ear and require visiting a doctor. A new bill aims to change that.

How the Senate Healthcare Bill Would Affect Medicaid

Senate Republicans recently unveiled a new healthcare bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. Changes to Medicaid are expected, but what will be the effect?