Dr. Ximena Ruiz MD is a female rheumatologist in Montgomery, AL with 13+ years of experience. She graduated in 2005. Dr. Ruiz is affiliated with Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center LLC in Seaford, as well as Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford. Dr. Ruiz is licensed to practice by the state board in Alabama (MD35296).

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About Dr. Ruiz

Education and Training

Dr. Ximena Ruiz MD graduated in 2005.

Basic Information

Full Name: Ximena Ruiz

Gender: Female

Years of Experience: 13+

License Number: MD35296 - Issued by the state board in Alabama

NPI: 1861650988

Practice and Hospital Affiliations

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Office Information

2119 East South Boulevard

Montgomery, AL 36116

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Dr. Ximena Ruiz MD often performs the following procedures:

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Inflammation in the big toes due to gout.

What Is Gout? Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

Find out everything you need to know about gout, a type of arthritis that causes pain in the joints, particularly the big toe.

What Is Arthritis? Learn About This Common Condition

What Is Arthritis? Learn About This Common Condition

Find out everything you should know about arthritis with this comprehensive overview, including its types, symptoms, and treatment options.

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