Dr. Harry M. Barnes MD is a male Hematology and Oncology Specialist in Montgomery, AL with 41+ years of experience. He is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1 patient and has one review. He graduated from University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1976. Dr. Barnes is affiliated with Urology Professionals of Alabama in Montgomery, as well as Baptist Medical Center South in Montgomery. Dr. Barnes received $610 in payments from medical companies between 2014 and 2016, which is more than 49% of Hematology and Oncology Specialists and 63% of providers nationally.

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April 25, 2017

Cameron Adams

Trusted Reviewer

5 Reviews

Montgomery, AL

He is a awesome person and doctor. He does what he thinks is the best for all of his patients.

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About Dr. Barnes

Education and Training

Dr. Harry M. Barnes MD graduated from University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1976.

Basic Information

Full Name: Harry M. Barnes

Gender: Male

Years of Experience: 41+

NPI: 1356395214

Practice and Hospital Affiliations

Affiliated Hospitals

1. Baptist Medical Center South -- Montgomery, AL

2. Baptist Medical Center East -- Montgomery, AL

3. Jackson Hospital -- Montgomery, AL

Affiliated Practices


Office Information

4145 Carmichael Road

Montgomery, AL 36106

Get Directions

(334) 273-4508

(334) 273-4290

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Payments Received from Medical Companies

What are Payments Received?

Payments received in the most recent data year:

Payments this provider received relative to the median payment received by hematology and oncology specialists in 2016, the most recent year for which data is available

Total payments received between 2014 and 2016:

Payments this provider has received and how this amount ranks relative to other providers who have received payments


2014-2016 Payments

> 63%


All Providers

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> 49%


Hematology and Oncology Specialists

More Info

Breakdown of 2014-2016 payments by category


Food and Beverage




Royalty or License


Promotional Speaking or Service




Travel and Lodging

The largest payments this provider has received from specific medical companies and for specific drugs and medical products


Gilead Sciences

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More Info







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