Dr. Deepa Dixit MD is a female allergist and immunologist in Clinton, MI with over 45 years of experience. Dr. Dixit is affiliated with Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton. Dr. Dixit graduated in 1973. She is licensed to practice by the state board in Michigan (DD041485).

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45+ Years of Experience

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About Dr. Dixit

Education and Training

Dr. Deepa Dixit MD graduated in 1973.


  • Allergy and Immunology

Basic Information

Full Name: Deepa Dixit

Gender: Female

License Number: DD041485 - Issued by the state board in Michigan

NPI: 1255320883

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Practice and Hospital Affiliations

Affiliated Hospitals

1. Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

15855 19 Mile Road
Clinton, MI

(568) 263-2705


Office Information

37300 Garfield Road

Suite B

Clinton, MI 48036

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(586) 286-0550

(586) 263-0735

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Conditions Treated

As an Allergist and Immunologist, Dr. Dixit may treat the following 4 conditions:

List of Procedures Dr. Deepa Dixit MD Performs:

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