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Dr. Cole grew up in Baltimore, which she still loves despite its current bad reputation. She first majored in art, which is still a passion, but switched to psychology and became a school psychologist. Unfortunately, school psychology became an arm of special education and so most of her work was testing and participating in IEP meetings, and not enough was psychotherapy. She then retrained at Pepperdine University in Clinical Psychology, which she has enjoyed. She received more training in work with patients with trauma histories, in EMDR (certified), in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (certified), and OCD (certified) and Trichotillomania (certified), and Tourettes and Tics. She is also well trained in Hypnosis.

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About Dr. Cole


Dr. Deborah Cole is a clinical psychologist who uses innovative methods, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as well as Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for patients with trauma and treatment-resistant depression. She uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy for panic and CBIT for Tourettes and Tics. She uses Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD. She also treats hair-pulling and skin-picking. She is well trained in Hypnosis, too, as well as play therapy.

Care Philosophy

I treat the whole person and believe the body, mind, and soul are all connected.

Why I Became a Clinical Psychologist

I was first a school psychologist but retrained as a Clinical Psychologist (another 6 years!) because I wanted to see individuals helped in a deep way.

How Can a Patient Get the Most out of Seeing Dr. Deborah S. Cole PsyD?

If a patient can think about what is troubling them and what they want help with, and some examples of those, that would be helpful. Also, if they can bring a list of medications they have tried (if any) and of medications and supplements they are using (if any), that would be great.


Dr. Deborah S. Cole PsyD is a female clinical psychologist in Columbia, MD. She is licensed to practice by the state board in Maryland (3040).


  • Clinical Psychology

  • Psychology

Basic Information

Full Name: Deborah S. Cole

Gender: Female

License Number: 3040 - Issued by the state board in Maryland

NPI: 1881715696

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5525 Twin Knolls Road

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Columbia, MD 21045

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