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Dr. Christopher Stepien always wanted to be a doctor. Growing up with depression, fitness and football were the passion that maintained Dr. Christopher Stepien's sanity. In college, he was a pre-med student who realized he didn't believe in medications to get people healthier. "There must be a true cause to people's disease and pains." The chiropractic path spoke to him as a means to getting people healthy without making them dependent on medications. In chiropractic school, he realized that adjustments weren't fixing people's problems. Dr. William Brady of Integrative Diagnosis gave a speech at lunch to curious students, claiming that faster results could occur for even chronic pain sufferers when patients were diagnosed properly and a very secret problem to their pain was removed. Dr. Christopher never looked back.

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About Dr. Stepien


Dr. Christopher Stepien fixes people's annoying, frustrating pains, when it's been over 2 months and they've seen 3-5 other doctors. His practice, Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, opened in 2010, after graduating with honors from New York Chiropractic College in December, 2009. He practices exclusively under the Integrative Diagnosis Model for Clinical Excellence, allowing "patients to get the care they deserve."

Care Philosophy

We are advocates for your "30 Years into the Future Self". We want you to be as pain-free and fit as you are now in the future. Many people don't want longevity. They want to push really hard today. Those people are not good patients for us. We want pain-free living over the long-term.

Why I Became a Chiropractor

When you wake up with depression and you can't get yourself out of bed, having a really deep "why" becomes utterly important. Dr. Christopher Stepien wanted to heal people who couldn't find healing. Those who have lost hope. That's what gets Dr. Christopher out of bed every morning, knowing there is no one else certified to get rid of the most common problem in the body (ADHESION) in New Jersey.

How Can a Patient Get the Most out of Seeing Dr. Christopher M. Stepien DC?

1. Try fixing your pain or problem for over 2 months and see at least 2 other doctors or therapists.
2. Decide that fixing this problem NOW and forever. (some people just want temporary relief - this mindset does NOT work).
3. Have MRI images and reports ready to bring to the NP visit.
4. Do what we say. : )


Dr. Christopher M. Stepien DC is a male chiropractor in Denville, NJ.


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Basic Information

Full Name: Christopher M Stepien

Gender: Male

NPI: 1306147574

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26 Bloomfield Avenue

Denville, NJ 07834

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