Ever wonder how people take advantage of super savings? There are numerous ways to stretch your dollar further when grocery shopping. Here are 5 tips on how to get name brands at off brand pricing. 

1. Stack Savings

When it comes to coupons, more really can be less — less spending, that is. Frequent shoppers and coupon users don’t always realize this trick, but it can mean real big savings. Often, stores allow you to use more than one coupon at a time, so saving up on coupons for the same brand can make a good deal even better. If you find that you are in the store week after week getting the same products over and over again, you should start stockpiling coupons. Just collect coupons for the brands and items that you know you will need and use them together.

2. Mix ‘n’ Match

Don’t be afraid to stack coupons from stores and manufacturers. Doing so is an excellent way to get around some coupons’ policies that stop you from using multiple copies of the same coupon on one item. Most stores don’t allow using more than one of their own coupons on any particular product but have no problem adding on savings from manufacturer coupons. Mixing store and manufacturer clippings is a great way to take coupon stacking to a whole new level.

3. Make The Most Out Of Sales

Grocery stores are always having promotional sales, which is already a useful way to get some of the items you need at an attractive cost. By being aware of which stores are offering discounts on the necessities on your list, you can often optimize your savings and apply the coupons you’ve been collecting on top of the discounts the store is offering. To be able to have the coupons you can use when you see an in- store sale, it is helpful to clip coupons for products you need as you see them.

4. Go BOGO

“Buy One, Get One” free offers help you save money by letting you get your groceries at half their original cost. Most people don’t realize, though, that coupons can help you save even more beyond the existing store offer. Don’t be afraid to use your coupons on top of this deal. Sometimes, you can even apply a store BOGO deal with a manufacturer BOGO coupon to effectively buy one, get two for free.

5. Utilize And Prioritize

The more you start saving and clipping coupons, the easier it will become to buy items you don’t actually want or need, just because you can get a good deal. Remember that coupons are only a good deal if they’re saving you on something you would have already been buying. It is always a good idea when you’re browsing coupon flyers or websites to ask yourself “Did I need this before I saw it?” Saving yourself the trouble of clipping extraneous coupons will save you from spending unnecessarily at the register. You may surprise yourself by what a savvy couponer you have become when you look at your receipt.