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Scleroderma definition

What Is Scleroderma? Learn About This Autoimmune Disease

Though scleroderma can be a difficult illness to diagnose, its symptoms are treatable. Read on to find out more about this autoimmune disease.

MRIs of a human brain.

What Is Aphasia? Learn About This Language Disorder

Find out everything you need to know about aphasia, a condition caused by damage to the brain that can result in difficulty speaking, reading, and writing.

A couple on a road trip.

How to Stay Healthy on Your Summer Vacation

Check out this list of health tips before you travel to make sure that your summer vacation runs as smoothly as possible.

Woman receiving laser facial treatment.

How Laser Treatments Can Effectively Reduce Acne Scars

Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, explains how laser treatments can help to reduce and eliminate the appearance of acne scars.

Person holding up AIDS ribbon.

What Are HIV and AIDS? Everything You Need to Know

Get the facts about HIV and AIDS, including the most recent prevention and treatment options.

Vitamin B1 test

What Is Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome?

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is the name for two co-occurring brain disorders: Wernicke encephalopathy and Korsakoff syndrome.

Dental x-ray on a tablet screen.

How Does Teledentistry Work?

Teledentistry is a subset of telehealth that virtually facilitates dental care, allowing patients to consult with their dentists via digital communication.

Person trying to resist the urge to drink alcohol.

What Is Alcoholism? Learn About Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcoholism affects more than 17 million people in America. If you think that you or someone you know has an addiction to alcohol, read on to find out more.

A doctor conducting an allergy skin test.

What is an Immunologist? Your Immunology and Allergy Specialist

Find out everything you need to know about immunologists, doctors who treat allergies, asthma, and immune system disorders.

Vitamin B1 foods.

What Is Beriberi? Learn About Vitamin B1 Deficiency

Vitamin B1 deficiency is a condition also known as Beriberi. Learn more about the condition, diagnosis, treatment, and how you can prevent it.