Over 50% of the US population plays mobile games and by next year, that number is projected to surpass 60%. The reason for that is clear: smartphone games are simply fun and addictive. If you have found yourself addicted to fun phone apps, you might as well try some that will make you smarter while you play. Check out this list of 5 mobile apps and games that will improve your cognitive brain functions.

Become a whiz in multiple subjects with Khan Academy.

If you've ever felt like brushing up on any school subjects or learning about a new topic that interests you, you don't necessarily have to sign up for a class or enroll in a degree program. Thanks to modern technology there's an app that can help you educate yourself, called Khan Academy. This fantastic and free app gives you access to over 10,000 videos and explanations for lessons math, science, economics, history, and more. Khan Academy is also great for helping your kids learn their school lessons. Khan academy has a great website and is available for Apple devices through iTunes and for Androids through Google Play

Test and improve your knowledge with Trivia Crack.

If you like attending trivia nights at your local pub, you’ll love Trivia Crack. This free, fun and fast-paced multiplayer trivia game allows you to challenge your Facebook friends and play against new like-minded people through the game’s online community. The app will test and help improve your knowledge in 6 primary trivia categories: Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography, and History. Trivia Crack is available on 5 app platforms: iPhone, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone and Facebook

Become a master of words with the Vocabulary.com App.

Vocabulary.com offers a customized experience which allows you to memorize and comprehend new words as you play a game to test your vocab skills. As you play, you’ll earn points and badges for accomplishing tasks, encouraging you to continue. The game contains over 120,000 questions and it uses an algorithm to find out how you learn most effectively. With vocabulary.com’s fun and challenging app, you’ll have the opportunity to learn over 12,000 words. This educational game is great for children and adults alike and costs just $2.99. Get it for in the iTunes store or on Google Play

Learn a new language with DuoLingo.

If you’re thinking of learning another language, forget about expensive software and classroom lessons, you can become bilingual with this addicting app without paying a penny. DuoLingo offers over 20 languages from Spanish to Swedish to Swahili. Learning a new language is a complex brain workout and proven process for making you smarter. You’ll exercise your memory, speech, reading, and writing abilities and earn badges as you go. DuoLingo is available online on your computer in a web browser and as an app for iPhone and Android.  

Get your brain in shape with CogniFit Brain Fitness.

Called "the best app to enhance mental power" in a review by the International Business Times, this helpful and entertaining app can help sharpen your memory, improve concentration skills and boost other mental functions. CogniFit Brain Fitness was developed by neuroscientists and psychologists “that investigate and combine the latest discoveries about the brain with advanced algorithms making simple tasks in the form of games.” The app offers multiple personalized brain training programs for both children and adults. With CogniFit, you can track your progress over time. The CogniFit Brain Fitness app for Android and iPhone is free to download, and it allows you train in demo mode for a limited time. CogniFit offers a monthly subscription for $19.99 and an annual fee of $189.99. Get CogniFit on iTunes and Google Play